Sunday, June 9, 2013

End of the First Week

I cannot believe our first week here is already over. On Wednesday we were able to go to the Nagpur bazaar with one of the woman who works at the school. On our way there we stopped for some gas and people were taking pictures of us at the station. Not many tourists come to Nagpur so we were definitely a site to see! The bazaar at first was overwhelming. There were so many shops and so many people. Thank goodness Angelique was with us because if not Mary and I would not have had any idea where to begin. She was also able to barter with the shop owners to reduce the pricing on some of our clothes. We each got a few traditional indian shirts that we still need to be tailored. In India they match every part of the outfit perfectly. The leggings, scarf, and shirt all have to be color coordinated and each part of the outfit was sold at a different shop. We were also able to each get a sari while we were there. Most of you know that purple is my absolute favorite color so I had to get a purple sari. We are not sure when we will have the chance to wear them but we were both thinking we could to Mass next Sunday (if we figure out how to properly wear them). I also picked up some beautiful earrings and bangles. When we got back from shopping the boys were playing soccer outside so we joined them until dinner time.

Friday, Mary taught another music class and I did an arts and crafts lesson with the kids. We made flowers and although I lost their attention in a few minutes most of the boys made a flower and had a fun time doing so. I spoke to Angelique about other arts and crafts we could do and she wants us to decorate a room upstairs that has plain white walls. Tomorrow we are going to go into the city and get some styrofoam balls to make planets that we can hang up in the room. I am going to make pinwheels with them tomorrow which we will attach to the walls and I have some other fun and easy drawings that they can make. They love playing outside so it is really hard to keep their attention inside for a while so I am trying to come up with interesting and fun activities that they could do.

Fr. Harry has been away since Wednesday and returned last night. It was great to hear about his trip and talk to him about our time thus far. The brothers who were staying here while he was gone left this morning for a retreat but it was so wonderful to spend time with them and learn more about the Indian culture from them. Today is a rest day for the boys. They watched tv most of the morning. We watched an action film with them in Hindi but it was pretty easy to get the gist of what was happening. They were so excited to show us their favorite characters and favorite parts of the movie. We also watched a show similar to So You Think You Can Dance with them.

Thats all I got for right now but ill be sure to update again soon! 

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  1. It sounds like you're having an incredible trip so far, Emmy! I'm so proud of you and I can't wait to see pictures of you all dressed up in Indian garb!